Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Birthday Follow up

As you can see by the time stamp on this post my big day is now history and I am into my 59th year of life (it was my 58th birthday, so now I am building up to 59 and then --O MY GOD -- it will be the big SIX-OH --but not yet). Anyhow, my birthday celebration stuff with Ben is posted below, and today began with just me and the dog -- how exciting. Of course, when I opened the door to take her out to potty (even on birthdays) I found a package that one of the neighbors got me -- a homey and somewhat tacky picture frame (it's okay, they don't read this page HA HA). It is the kind of gift that screams to go to the next grab bag gift exchange. I did receive some birthday greetings from the other neighbors (some with dead president portraits too). After cleaning the public bathroom in the building and spraying the dumpster for bees, wasps, and or hornets (It was so hot that the spray steamed when it hit the metal.) I headed out to do some church office time. Did that stuff and then ran a couple errands including buying myself a new toy (Now get your minds out of the gutters, guys) -- a new 4 in 1 machine -- printer, copier, scanner, fax -- final cost after rebates and such -- about 60 bucks. Then got taken to dinner and then back to church for the monthly (felt more like month long) board meeting. I finally made it home about 11:30 or a little after. I am so glad that Ben and I had the time to celebrate before today. Somehow bees and board meetings are not birthday fare. The folks here at the complex will celebrate all the August birthdays one day next week, so it will be Happy birthday once again -- this time with cake LOL.

And to all who sent birthday greetings, thank -- you make life special. I love you all, and especially one particular reader (you can figure it out). Well it 's just about time to try to sleep. I cannot believe that after midnight it is still 83 degrees. Thank God for an AC unit. Try to stay cool and hug someone. G'night all!

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