Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back to the Grind

Well it's Tuesday and my first full day back from vacation. Of course I am missing Ben since I spent most of the past ten days with him. The weekend is coming and I will probably spend it with him so it's okay. Today was spent doing banking, billpaying, resting, and starting to look at some church related projects for the coming weeks. Tomorrow I will head to church to work on the sound system and then the grocery store. Thursday the dog goes to the groomer. All the usual chores and routine. And in all of it I continue the job search that will yield the opportunity that will take me out of this hell position I am in now. If you ar a praying person, keep Ben and me both in prayer as we are both searching for what to do next. If you happen to be an HR rep and have any good openings, let us know. And of course if you should have the winning lotto ticket and want to share it, ... Well one can always hope. Anyhow, boys and girls, have a great day and hug someone special.

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