Thursday, August 17, 2006

Home Again - for a moment

Hey everyone....It's been days since I posted anything. No I haven't fallen off the planet, but Ben and I had the opportunity to disappear for a few days of R & R. We spent a few days at a friend's cottage on a nearby lake. While the weather was nice, it wasn't great lake weather, so we took advantage of the location and headed out for a couple of day trips. Our visits included a couple of Lake Michigan lighthouses including Big Sable Lighthouse where we took the tour which included the 130 step climb to the observation deck this after the mile and a half walk to the lighthouse). Thank you to the wonderful volunteer who was headed toward the parking lot as we were leaving. He offered us a ride back to the parking lot which we readily and gratefully accepted. We also did our obligatory shopping (Isn't that what all gay tourists do??) and visited a couple of out of the way lakes and parks. We spent a little time using the paddle boat (me -- the Olympic NON-swimmer -- on that little boat in twenty foot deep water with no life jacket -- DUMB!!). We spent our evenings sitting in front of a roaring fire that Ben built. As I watched him build and work the fires, his obvious pleasure brought one word to mind -- pyromaniac (just kidding.. The greatest part of the whole experience was just being together, able to relax from the pressures of the routine and from the stress of all that Ben has been through in recent times. This was the first time that we have been somewhere that wasn't his or mine or that we didn't have to think about running off home to go to work or stuff . I know that for me it was a wonderful time of discovering and experiencing. Also, he was wonderful about helping with cooking and dishes. Neither of us took the other for granted. There are many other tales from the lake that I could tell here, but suffice it to say that it was a wonderful time.

Then I got home only to discover that my boss was here all week doing what should have been my job == had I known it was my job. No details here, but I was effectively screwed out of about twenty hours of work and pay and I was made to look like a horse's ass in front of my tenants. Ah the joys of working for this company! Where is that new job?

Anyhow I am home for tonight while Ben takes care of another obligation, and then tomorrow I will be at his place for the weekend. Until then, hug someone and tell (and show) them that you love them.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys, sounds like you had a great time.

It's always good to slip away and get some much needed R & R.

Have a great weekend together.

Steve and Warren