Monday, August 21, 2006

Another Wonderful Weekend

I dashed off my last post while I was home for a day in mid-vacation. As I finished that post I was getting ready to head to Ben's for the weekend . It was a wonderful time of being together and included "together" time, eating out, cooking and eating in, watching TV, relaxing, and even job hunting. It also included the first time that we attended church together - real accomplishment for two pastors. We went to a local Episcopal church and were quite underwhelmed. From what I could gather, the priest who brought the message must have had about two hours warning. His "sermon" was to read to us (and not very well either) the first chapter of "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon. I didn't feel as though I had really been to church, though we did both receive Communion. Episcopaleans use a higher liturgy than I am accustomed to - not a bad thing, just different. The weekend also included me giving Ben a haircut--he wanted me to shave his head so that's what we did . I think the end result is okay (It looks better than I expected), butI miss his beautiful baby soft hair. He will probably grow it back but I want him to enjoy his new look for a while first. Now it's back to the job and the church ministry for me. Why are vacations so short? Anyhow, it was a wonderful week and I am relaxed and ready to face the week's challenges. Hang in there and hug someone -- it's good for both of you.

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