Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Computer HELL

Well, it's been one of those days. For most of the day I have been wrestling with the computer from hell.It has bogged down and refuses to open several programs and files. I have scanned everything I know how to, have defragged, deleted, rebooted, shut down, cussed and cried and to no avail. At least I have been able to offload most of my data files and have located the system disks for the system (they are in Tennessee and will be heading this way tomorrow). My internet connection is working reasonably well -- for the moment -- so I can post and check email. If I lose the internet connection, howI will pay bills, communicate, or even exist? At least for most everything else, I can dig out the other computer and limp along for a few days. We become so dependent on computers -- how do we get by without them? Hopefully, this will be a minor inconvenience and I won't have to find out long term. I think I will cut this short since I am just about ready to throw the machine out the window. Maybe a night's sleep for me and some down time for the computer will make tomorrow a brighter day. I hope so.

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