Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

Well, actually I was sitting at the computer about 9PM tonight when the AC stopped, the computer blinked, the lights went off, and it got eeriely quiet. It is now 11:45 PM and the lights came on a few minutes ago, so it wasn't too bad. Not like last time anyhow when we had no power for nearly two days. I dug out the trusty flashlight, checked the building, and grabbed the cell phone to call Ben. It is really weird not being able to watch TV, run the computer, play music, turn on lights, make coffee, etc. About 10:30 I laid on the couch and went to sleep (nothing else going on), only to be awakened when stuff clicked back on. I guess we are lucky -- rumor has it that there are thousands without power due to high heat and the storms that blew through (missed us of course). Here's a very special thank you to the guys and gals at the power company who brought us back on line as quickly as they did. Anyhow, the lights are on, I've checked mail and posted this, I've reset the bedroom clock, and now (ironically) it's gonna be "lights out" and sleep for me. Sweet dreams everyone.

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