Thursday, June 12, 2008


Day two started by picking up my best friend, Tim, and heading to Galena, IL -- the home of US President US Grant. We didn't tour his home since we were there last year, but we did have to stop to visit Mrs. Grant (pictured below). If she looks vaguely familiar think 'Pancakes'. She is affectionately known to many of us as "Mrs. Butterworth." It is a classic example of tacky art. Either that or Grant was really drunk when he married her. Our wandering route took us through Benton, Wisc. so of course we had to get a picture of Ben with the sign. I was teasing him that his "alter ego" must be "Hazel Green".
Then we headed for Platteville, WI where we visited the Big M (the largest letter M in the world) and -- you guessed it-- more stairs (268 steps up to the top.). It was a great view of three states, but it was a lot of stairs. And it was windy as heck up there.

From there we headed on to our destination of Dubuque to visit with the family. We hurried out to Dubuque's Arboretum to see if the Iris were still in bloom. They were pretty beat up from all the storms, but we saw some incredible stuff.

And I saved the most incredible sight for last!!!

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you do have a handsome man there.