Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Frantic Morning

The gnomes are at it again in Howell. Ben left for church this morning, and as I was getting ready to go, I began looking for my keys -- and you guessed it -- I am still looking. I had to call my Administrative Assistant and my pianist and have them lead the worship service -- it was time for a good old fashioned hymn sing anyway I guess. I had the keys when we got home yesterday afternoon and I think I had them when we got back from the balloonfest last night. SO -- if those presumptions are true, either one or more of the animals hid the keys somewhere or the gnomes are being particularly playful. This afternoon we will go back to the balloonfest to see if anyone turned in keys, and with Ben's help we will tear the apartment apart one more time. Stay tuned for details.

1 comment:

Lemuel said...

I'd be a frantic mess, but maybe the gnomes thought you needed a day off anyway.