Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last One out of Michigan, Turn out the Lights

It's time for Michigan to wake up or give up. There are all kinds of things going on in this state that are literally driving people to move to other areas. Of course, there is the same sex marriage issue. While California and Massachusetts are allowing same sex marriages and New York has been instructed by the Governor to recognize the unions, Michigan holds fast to the horrific constitutional ban on same sex marriage (which actually gives a very narrow and bigoted definition of marriage). Legalized discrimination is not the way to keep people in a state that is facing other major issues as well. Not only are we one of the most publicly bigoted states in the country, but we also hold the number one slot in unemployment. So Ben and I find ourselves in a state where we are leagally banned from formalizing our relationship and where neither of us is able to find employment with income and benefits that can keep up with the record inflation. Hmm, sounds like a commercial for the Chamber of Commerce -- Come to Michigan where you can live in poverty and where you will be discriminated against. On top of that, our votes only count for half (if we're lucky). And then our largest city (Detroit) is governed by crooks, idiots, and wimps. The antics of Mayor Kilpatrick and the wishy washy actions of the city council are an embarrassment to the entire state. It would be so refreshing to have our state make the news for something GOOD for a change. And the big wigs in the state can't figure out why people are leaving the state! DUH! Wake up. Our plan is to be out of this cesspool of a state within the next year or two. Anyone have suggestions as to potential relocation sites? Employment, inclusion, weather, and such will all be factors in determining our eventual location. Come on, Michigan, wake up before your entire structure implodes.

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Ur-spo said...

Not Arizona - quite the red state and full of crazed rednecks screaming to get the gd illegals.