Friday, June 27, 2008

An Anniversary

Tomorrow marks the 38th annivesary of the first Gay Pride celebration (Christopher Street Parade) in New York City as they marked the first anniversary of the Stonewall Riot -- the birth of the modern GLBT movement. Here in 2008, things are still difficult for GLBT folks -- we can't get married, gay teens get bullied or worse, we can often lose jobs, family ties, or other vital relationships if we come out or are found out. But if we think we have it bad, go back and read the histories of the gay movement. The people in this picture were taking a really big risk. Many of them are now gone, but the steps that they took that day some 38 years ago began a march for the GLBT community that has continued to this day and will continue until we are included as full, worthwhile members of society with the same rights and recognitions enjoyed by our straight neighbors. I look to the day (probably after I am long gone) when Gay Pride celebrations will not need to have a political or struggle aspect, but will simply be times to gather to remember how far we've come. Ben and I will be spending the day tomorrow at Michigan Pride in the state capital of Lansing. We plan to walk in the parade, attend the rally, and spend the afternoon among "our own". Take a moment to pause and remember with gratitude the folks who have gone before, paving the way for us to pick up the torch. Then find a way to stand up and speak up and be a part of the movement to set the stage for the next generation of GLBT folks.

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Happy Pride!