Thursday, June 19, 2008

And the World Hasn't Ended

Well, folks, I can only imagine the surprise and likely disappointment in the camps of the doom predicting right wing religious folks. For more than 48 hours, GLBT folks have been getting married in California and the state hasn't fallen into the ocean yet. I also haven't heard of an increase in the number of traditional marriages collapsing in the path of same sex couples heading to the county clerk's office. God hasn't sent floods, flames (other than some of the couples getting married), earthquakes, or other forms of Divine punishment. Is it possible that, unlike the religious right, God is smiling on and blessing the events rather than sitting on the Holy Throne plotting some evil response? Can you believe it -- a God who loves, blesses, and affirms the joining of people who are in love? Ah well, I knew all along that such a God exists and reigns. Now if we can get the religious right to get acquainted with this God instead of the God they know who sits at the ready to squash anyone or anything that doesn't fit the dogma set forth by the rabid religious right. Congratulations and thank you to the many newlyweds who have stood bravely in the face of criticism and threats. Hang in there and enjoy the blessing of wedded bliss. And don't worry -- California isn't falling in the ocean this week.


Lemuel said...

I saw an interesting observation in light of the right's propensity to blame natural disasters on God's wrath at sinners (a.k.a. gays in New Orleans, etc.). They observed that things seemed fine in CA. The disasters were in the center of the nation, but the right seemed curiously silent on the reason for "God's wrath" there.

TWISI said...

amazing huh?