Friday, June 20, 2008

Funerial Funnies

We recently began subscribing to the local paper because we found a deal that was really to good to pass up. I look at the headlines, and then I move on not to the comics, but something funnier--the obituaries. I am not one who usually pokes fun at the grief or suffering of others, but some of the things that people put in the obits is just too funny or weird to pass up. The funniest I have seen in ages says (names changed of course): George left his wife Mary to go be with his sister-in-law Jean. This is but one of the creative ways that people say "He died." My feeling is that if your name appears in the Obituaries, it is to be assumed that you are dead --right? There are phrases like "he passed into glory", "she was called home to be with Jesus", "He was translated to the church triumphant" (I'm not one hundred percent sure what that one even means), "Departed this life for another", and more. Not only do they get creative in describing death, but some of the pictures are a riot. Some guy dies at age 85 and the family submits a picture from 50 years ago -- what's that about? Either the picture is way out of date, or the guy found the fountain of youth.

Today's obit winner: "Although Bob and his family lived in Ohio, his hear never left Michigan, especially his cottage up north......" My first thought was, "If he was in Ohio, and his heart was in Michigan, is it any wonder he died?" Perhaps my humor is morbid, but it does give me some chuckles at the start of the day.

My advice is this: Write your own obituary being careful to read and re-read it keeping in mind that although YOU know what you mean, others may interpret or infer something quite different. If you are going to put in a picture, make it a fairly current one -- and for God's sake, take off the hat.

Sorry if this kind of post offends anyone's sensibilities. That is not my intent. To those who have recently lost loved ones, you are in my prayers. I hope and pray that you are still able to see the humor in this post. Watch for other "winners" coming soon.


Lemuel said...

Real life (and death) is often more amusing that fiction. I hope that no one is offended, because I love stuff like this.

Lemuel said...

"than" fiction!

*&#$%@ fingers!!

Ur-spo said...

obits are fun to read precisely to find such blunders and hype.
morbid, but jolly good fun.