Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Busy but Fun Day

Well, it's been a busy day and I'm pooped, but it was all worth it. It actually started last night when we literally walked across the street for the Michigan Balloonfest, an annual event with hot air balloons, carnival rides, vendors, FOOD, and tons of people -- all sizes and shapes. It was great to watch the balloons lift off and float freely over the city. This morning we headed to Lansing for Michigan Pride. We were a few minutes late for the parade kickoff, but we joined the tail end for the walk to the state capitol. Then we witnessed the mass commitment ceremony with several dozen couples publicly committing to one another on the capitol steps (Too bad the state won't recognize the relationships). From there Ben, the dog, and I headed back to the park for the Pride Festival. There were thousands of folks, lots of vendors, food, beer, and blaringly loud annoying music (Why must it be played at earsplitting levels?). The weather cooperated for us and we all came home tired but satisfied. We walked over to the Balloonfest for tonight's launch which appears to have been cancelled due to winds and threatening weather. Now we are just sitting kicking back and getting ready for the big day tomorrow --each of us off to church in separate directions. BUT the good news is that there is NOTHING we HAVE to do after church. We will probably walk back and see what the balloon people are doing, but I expect that will be about it. Of course with us, one never knows.


Ur-spo said...

hurrah for a pleasant day like this.

Lemuel said...

Where we used to live had balloon festivals when we first moved there (20 years ago). Then one year there was a tragic accident between a balloon and a small plane and that was the end of that. I missed seeing the skies filled with the brightly colored balloons - one in particular sported the colors of the rainbow flag.