Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Grammar Mess

Well, here I go again. I often find grammar or language useages that drive me nuts. The most recent was on the morning news. The weatherman was reporting the forecast for "Your Fathers Day." The traffic reporter was talking about an accident blocking "Your left lane." When did I take ownership of holidays, weekends, roadways, and more? What about a clear forecast for Fathers Day? a blockage of THE left lane? It's really not a huge deal, but it is annoying to me because it is a lazy, bad habit and a miserable misuse of the English language. These are supposed to be professional people, and yet they seem to have trouble mastering the English language. Come on, newscasters, weathermen, and others--have some respect for yourself and for the primary language of this country. Learn to speak it correctly. And that's the way I see it today. Hug someone.

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Ur-spo said...

I think they stole it from McDonald's. Didn't they try the ironic slogan of "My McDonald's" or something like that.
Nothing is so opposite individualism as McDonald's.

Here in Phoenix, the symphony is always introduced as "your Phoenix Symphony". Which isn't true either.