Sunday, September 24, 2006

A Touch of Fall

The end of summer and beginning of autumn snuck up on me this week, but I was quickly reminded of the change as Ben and I visited Sleepy Hollow Sate Park in central lower Michigan the other day. It's a little early for the brightly colored leaves of fall, but the changes in color and weather let us know that the seasons are evolving and give us a little hint that snow is probably not real far away. We've reached the season where thoughts turn from baseball to football, picnics to hayrides, and shorts with sandals to jeans with shoes or boots. The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Yet, the trials and challenges of life continue on. When we were in this season last year, I was just discovering and getting to know Ben -- now a year later, I continue to discover each day just how wonderful this man is and as I marvel in the beauty of the changing seasons, i marvel in the beauty of each new "Ben" discovery I make. But enough of the mush for now -- on to the rest of the weekend.

On Friday I left Ben's house and headed for the Detroit area to visit family. My aunt and uncle were visiting from Fort Collins, Colorado, so the whole gang (or most of us anyhow) gathered for a visit. The last time I saw this uncle was when I was visiting in Colorado in 2001. I arrived at their home the afternoon of the now infamous 9/11. I remember watching the TV coverage with horror, yet being thankful that I wasn't "alone" but was with family members. It was nice to see this really neat couple this time without the presence of a disaster. Once the relatives left Mom's house about 12:30AM (far past my beauty sleep hour), I headed for bed and a decent night's sleep. I got up, chatted with Mom a while, did a couple small household tasks for her, and then headed for home. I felt really odd as I drove past Ben's town without stopping in for a visit (He is away for the weekend, but I expect I will see him tonight. I didn't cry, but I did choke up a bit. As I passed each nearby exit, I was reminded of places we have been together and things we've done. So I decided that I am either crazy or crazy in love. In the interest of positive mental health, I opted for the second choice. So, Ben, when you read this consider yourself hugged and kissed. I was scheduled to be "off" from church this morning, so I am having kind of a lazy Sunday morning -- a rare treat. Of course, as I lounge about, I have two loads of laundry running, I have some church related computer stuff to do along with some cleaning.

So, in the interest of getting things done and so as to not bore any of my readers further, I will close this post with my wishes that you take time to enjoy the season, to hug that someone special, and to be happy. God bless..


Warren and Steve said...

Layout looks nice, Nick.

Journeyman said...

I too vote for Crazy in love. Thanks for sharing.