Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Afternoon

Well, it's been a wonderful weekend. Ben came over on Friday and promised me a trip to Paris. Well, that's where we went -- Paris, MICHIGAN!! We did get to visit the Eiffel Tower (Michaigan style), and took time to feed the fish in the ponds nearby. On Saturday, since it was cold and icky, we decided on a movie. We went and saw "The Illusionist". As the movie opened, I wasn't too sure about what was in store, but as it unfolded and I got more into it, I found it to be entertaining and fascinating. The movie is well worth the good reviews I've seen. We came home, made chili, and watched Santa Clause II. Today was church and an afternoon meeting. Ben has headed home to get ready for a temp job he starts tomorrow and I have laundry in the washer -- the mundane tasks of life. On Friday I did receive a call for a job interview for a part time job I applied for several weeks ago. So keep me in mind and prayer on Tuesday afternoon -- it's not the dream job I'm looking for, but it will supplement my income and allow me to do some things I have had to put off for a while. As always, my time with Ben was magical and much too limited -- perhaps one of these days, we can eliminate the commute.....all in good time. Anyway, hug the one you love and be good to each other.

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