Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Letter to the Editor

Yesterday, Ben posted a link to an Advocate.Com article, which when I read it, prompted the following letter to the Editor. I agree that there is something wrong in a world that creates an atmosphere in which such self loathing is even possible. Read the article and my response and form your own opinion --

My responses to Kyle and his article are many. First, I am concerned for his physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. Physical because his apparent self loathing fueled by his church and his politics makes an excellent recipe for serious self harm. Emotional for much the same reason, and spiritual because he has fashioned a God of condemnation and hatred rather than the God of love, forgiveness, and wise Creator that I know.
My second response is anger -- here we are in 2006, still fighting the same fight that has gone on for generations and began in earnest decades ago. I am angry at churches who choose to interpret scripture to fit their narrow opinions and at politicians who achieve and retain positions of power by climbing on the backs of glbt people.
My third response is a profound sadness at the thought of another of God's beloved children hating himself for who God created him to be and heading down the road to having to choose between his "religion" and the truth of God's unique gift of sexuality.
Also, I am somewhat pleasantly surprised that this article made it into print in this venue. Yes, it is difficult subject matter for most Advocate readers, but it does a couple of things. First, it shows a balance in coverage and an openness to differing opinions. Also, it points out, regardless of how much progress has been made in our struggle, there is oh so much more to be done not just in society as a whole, but more importantly in our own community.
And lastly, it is possible to be Republican (though I can't imagine why one would choose to be in this time), Christian, Pentecostal, and gay. It means focusing on the larger picture than just glbt issues. It means seeking out a God within the context of faith and orientation (ah yes, it is possible). It is a tough road, but one that when travelled expands faith, politics, sexuality, and self awareness. My prayers and heart go out to Kyle that he might sort this all out without the pain and emptiness of ex-gay movements and such.

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