Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Life Really Does Suck!

God or the Internet fairy has a wicked sense of humor. I was in the midst of a rather lengthy post about all the things going haywire in life and was nearly finished when -- you guessed it -- the computer did some weird thing and lost all of my brilliant ramblings. Add that to all the rest which I will attempt to recap here and you have the evidence of the suck-iness (a new word I coined for this occasion) of life. Before I was rudely interrupted by a computer blip, I was talking about how I got a phone call last week for a job interview today. I went for the interview expecting to either be hired or not hired. Instead, after a half hour interview, I got, "I'm still interviewing and will call you next week one way or the other." It was disappointing to say the least. Who knew that there was such fierce competition for a part time clerk position at the local library? At least I got a response -- that's more than I have received from most of the hundreds of resumes and applications that have gone out. Most of the time it seems that they go to cyberspace or file cabinet heaven if they are received and reviewed at all. Employers -- give us seekers the courtesy of a response. Even a rejection is better than nothing. That way we know where we stand and that someone took the time to at least glance at our documents. Well, besides that job situation (which truly does suck), I heard from Ben (the high point in my day) and he is experiencing similar sucky feelings. Besides similar job feelings, his mortgage just went up and the papers he sent into the church for transfer all need to be re-done. It seems they went to the wrong office--well, DUH, how about forwarding them to the right person or office in the denomination? Besides all that, the weather sucks today. The real kicker of suckiness for me is that Ben is there and I am here. There's nothing I'd like better tonight than to be curled up with him in front of the fireplace offering and receiving support and comfort. But between the gas, the weather, the time, and other commitments tomorrow, that trip would be irresponsible. So he will be trying to find a friend there to socialize with (It won't be the same as with me--but at least he will have someone to talk with). In preparation for sitting home alone, I looked at the TV listings and they too suck. Guess I can watch a movie, play on the Internet, or -- God forbid -- read a book. Sorry if I sound whiney tonight, but this has been a really crappy day and I don't know what's on the horizon for tomorrow. Pray that it gets better. Thanks for "listening."

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