Sunday, September 10, 2006

And We Have a Winner

America has voted and there is a new HGTV Design Star - David won as I expected. During the course of the show there was some amazing talent displayed, but I really thin that David was the best and America agreed. I wonder how the voting on these reality TV shows compares to the voting turout for Presidential elections. Hmmm-- maybe we need to do a show to select a president. I don't think the results could be any more disastrous than what was achieved in the past two presidentail elections. Hmm -- let's take that idea to the networks. Anyway, watch for David to s how up in HGTV's line up in Spring 2007. I expect we will see amazing things.

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Journeyman said...

Great blog, Nick.

I share your idea of a new way of selecting presidents. I call my idea the "American Idol" method. The candidates get one hour a week--and only one hour a week--to hawk their philosophy on a particular issue. Then we all phone in our votes, and one candidate is eliminated each week. No endless campaign commercials, no election fraud, no staying-up-all-night watching voting returns. And BTW...the results we got here...very easy on the eyes!!

Heck, I'll even push for Ryan Seacrest to host the whole thing. He's not busy until January anyway.