Friday, June 29, 2007

Another Left Handed Slam

This article about Enrique Iglesias pissed me off. I don't normally use that word in print, but this article was worthy of it. The upshot is that Iglesias says he is envious of his gay friends (his hairstylist -- no stereotype there) and George Michael (no newsflash there) -- because they have open relationships that allow them to play around (or in some terms cheat on their partners) when they are out of town. Enrique wishes he and his girlfriend (who was off and now is back on) had such a relationship. I find this article odious in that what most uninformed (many hetero) readers will read is that all gays have these open relationships. Now I am not so naive as to claim that those relationships don't exist or that they cannot work, but the majority of same sex relationships are closed monogamous committed relationships that should be cherished rather than discounted by such trashing as presented in this article. I have news for Enrique -- there ARE straight relationships that are as open as those of the unnamed hairstylist and Mr. Michael. I hold Enrique and the media responsible for this misconception of glbt people. I won't stop listening to his music -- never started. However, I think that some folks should rethink their undying support of "celebrities" who make such irresponsible statements to the media. And that's the way I see it today.


Lemuel said...

What?! You meant "gay" does not automatically equal "promiscuous"? Go on! Most of the gay couples I know are in long term monogamous relationships - most of which also have lasted longer than the average length of het marriages.

But you one once you "brand" the product, it sticks. Sad.

stumpjumper said...

It's funny. I was in a relationship (monogamous - or so I thought) for 30 years and all my straight friends were envious because they had gone through 1 or 2 marriages in the same time span.
Some people are just not satisfied with all the rights they have.Open marriages are nothing less than the perceived "promiscuousness" of GLBT folks.