Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Weekend is HERE

Yes, it is THURSDAY, but I am taking tomorrow off to go to the Detroit area. In the early part of the day we will be helping Mom get a step closer to closing out her house -- there is SO MUCH STUFF. She's given stuff away, moved what she's keeping, and had a moving sale, and still there is stuff to get rid of. So we will head over in the morning and pack up stuff for Goodwill or Salvation Army. In the evening we are dining with a group of Episcopal priests and their partners. That should bode for an interesting and informative evening.

So today I finished up training for the job they kept telling us we wouldn;t be doing and on Monday will start doing it until the new project kicks off July 1. I told my coworkers at least two weeks ago that we would be in the call center, and they kept saying, "Well, such and such (Boss) told me we wouldn't be taking calls". I told them that you can't believe ANYTHING that the leadership team tells you because they will do what they want. So Monday I start taking calls to assist people with information that I still don't understand. That should be fun LOL. I think I will just enjoy the weekend with dinner tomorrow night and the Pride celebration in Grand Rapids on Saturday. In the meantime, stay happy and hug a loved one.

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Ur-spo said...

why oh why do we accumulate so much stuff?!
I grow more minimalist as I age
Have agood time in Detroit
and hug that man of yours.