Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Life Goes On

Here we are, a week past Memorial Day. As you may have read, I survived a "downsizing" at work last week and was offered a different position. So far that position feels like the one where you bend over and grab your ankles. We've been in training -- surprisingly(?) not specifically for the job we were told about, but for working the online help desk. Now, if you have been reading my blog or Ben's for some time, you have heard or read some of the horrors of that career path. Theoretically we will complete that training early next week and then get a couple of days training on the job we are supposed to be doing. My gut tells that that will probably happen, but that we will often be pulled from our tasks to help handle calls on the help desk -- this company has a history of sneaky stuff like that -- they call it leveraging, I call it unfair abuse of temporary employees who are giving and working their butts off for a company who might can us all tomorrow. A real morale booster I'd say. Anyway the training has been tiring -- the trainer is both boring and disorganized. He'd rather go off and tell jokes, tell stories about his favorite movies or stand up comics than to train. And when he does work in a few minutes of training his "flow" is such that there is no logic or cohesiveness. Are we learning anything? Yeah, some, but I think that the two weeks plus a few days of training could and should result in better preparedness for the online help desk job that we are being backdoored into. Ah well, corporate America!

On a happier note, the new car is wonderful! Tonight it is sitting in the shop waiting to be fitted with its cruise control tomorrow morning. We took the car to Detoit on Saturday and it rode and handled so well. Its only problem was its desire to zoom up to 80MPH without batting a cylinder. Hmm -- maybe Ben's definition of the color as "arrest me red" is accurate. The cruise control will perhaps pay for itself by avoiding traffic tickets -- we shall see. I will have it back tomorrow and we will be off and running yet again. That's about all from this end of the world -- what's new in yours? Hug someone you love.


Lemuel said...

I've read data that suggests that statistically drivers in red cars are arrested more frequently. That data could not conclude whether it was a propensity of troopers to stop red cars or whether personalities that select red cars are also prone to speeding. ;) Glad to hear it is performing well for you nonetheless.

I hear you on corporate America. I do not see the lunacy abating anytime soon.

Ur-spo said...

hugs to you too, dearie!