Thursday, June 07, 2007

More Meanderings and Musings

Well, here I am again to share my thoughts and the journey of life. It's been a tough week. I've spent it in training for a job that they tell me I'm not going to be doing. Now that sounds like either corporate stupidity or corporate doublespeak. While the "plan" is to put us on the job that has been promised and to train us for that job, they will leverage us and move us to this "other" job for which we are training. Some of my fellow trainees have said that they aren't going to be working the helpdesk. I reply, "Well it's been nice knowing you." The truth is that we will either do the job the give us on any given day or we will be registering for work at Michigan Works and hoping for unemployment. We will be training until the middle of next week at which time some of us are supposed to be training for the new project for which we have been selected. We shall see. With this company the only thing that one person can count on for sure is that things will not go as promised or announced. AH well, corporate America. This evening Ben and I went to the choir potluck at the Episcopal church. It was very nice of them to include me and to treat us as a couple. There is some hope for Christendom.

Yesterday I got cruise control put on the new car. They did it quickly and efficiently and I was so pleased -- until I turned on the radio and it was flashing "code." Of course I did not have any record of the radio security code, so the radio/CD/clock became inoperable. A quick call to the Honda dealer resulted in an equally quick trip down there to get the code reset. So off we went and soon the radio was rockin' again (rocking? on NPR? LOL). So as you can read from this post, my "gay agenda" is to make it through training, survive whatever new job, deal with the church community, maintain the car and several other equally "boring" events. So -- to any who think that GLBT people somehow avoid all the normal things of life in some magical mysterious way -- WRONG!


Ur-spo said...

the only thing missing from the gay agenda is doing the laundry.

Lemuel said...

A-ha! We do have an agenda! So all this time what they said about us was true all along!! I am so ashamed! [LOL! ]