Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Hunt is On

Well, the hunt for the next move has begun.  This weekend I sent a pulpit application to a city in the SW part of the country.  The church seems to be in good health and of a size that I believe is a match with my ministry.  Ben has updated his information and placed it in the church's system for placement.  I have also requested an application packet from another church -- this one much closer to our current location (and also much colder area than the SW). 

Tomorrow is the meeting at Ben's church where they will vote to close --with the last service most likely to occur on Easter.  Once the vote is taken and everything is public we will be able to have all information out in the open and as public as we want to be.  It's been weird having to be cautious about where and with whom we could talk about this stuff.

I've been in the business of packing boxes, sorting stuff to put in storage, to donate, or to keep with us.  How do things seem to multiply so fast?  We've moved 5 times in 5 years, and every time we get rid of a bunch of stuff -- yet it seems that every time we move, the size of the move grows.  It's spooky.

And that's the way it is ths fine Saturday morning!


Lemuel said...

May I assume from the context that "county" is a typo for "country"? Regardless, good luck with the search. May it lead you to employment and location that brings you both much happiness.

Nick said...

Thanks, Lum; fixed the typo. A move across the county would be no big deal I guess.