Sunday, March 13, 2011

Never Ask "What Next?"

The saga here in crazyland continues. Between churches about to close, a car accident, family trials, and a lost job, last night we got a call that Ben's dad is in the hospital.  Not sure exactly what's happening, but BP dropped dangerously low.  He is in ICU on antibiotics and we are waiting for phone calls advising us whether to stay here and wait or make the cross country drive to be there in case something happens.  It never stops.

Also, the other day we got a notice from the apartment complex about our "options" for early termination of our lease -- none of them very pleasant.  There will be a visit to the office to discuss these "options" and to see if there is something else that can be done to ease the pain of moving.

Life goes on -- and on -- and on.  I wonder what might be in the next chapter, but I'm surely not going to ask the question "What next?".  Surely as I ask, I may find out -- and I may not like the answers.  I will wait and see how the next few days unfold.  Stay tuned.

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Lemuel said...

Our prayers ascend for Ben's Dad - and continue for the two of you.