Monday, April 04, 2011

Updates from Lake Up in the Air

Well, we are well on our way to packing and storing our lives and about to relocate to stay with friends hundreds of miles away while seeking direction for our lives.  My mind and heart were resigned to this process, but God isn't finished yet.  Today, Ben got an email from his Bishop's office asking if he would be interested in doing an interim assignment (about 18 months) about 30 miles from where we are currently living.  Half our stuff is already in storage, plans are made, direction was set, but this sounds like a real possibility.  It is also a full time position.  It would allow us to stay where we are, to complete our lease (and save the 2,500 dollar early termination fee), it would allow me to become more active in my church in this area, it would broaden Ben's skill set for future assignments, and so on.  Tomorrow he will be in discussions to learn more about this potential assignment and will soon make the decision to pursue it or stick to current plans.  So, until a decision is reached either way, all packing and moving to storage stops.  SO -- as we were just staring to get some direction, a huge gust of wind has whipped up to change the weather.  Guess we will stay tuned for God's leading.  You stay tuned to and I will bring updates as they become available.  Fun, eh?

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Lemuel said...

I just finished reading Ben's post on this development. The Spirit blows where it wills. Whether with this new opportunity or with your plans in progress, may it lead you to a good land filled with blessings.