Friday, March 18, 2011

They are Multiplying

As our time here begins to wind down, I have begun packing boxes in preparation for the next big chapter in the Perils of Pastoring series of events.  This morning I began packing books -- just the ones in the house so far, and it seems that the more boxes I fill with books, the more books I find to pack.  What are those nasty tomes doing in those bookcases?  I can hardly wait to start attacking the bookcases in Ben's office -- OH NO!  Did you know that professional movers add approximately 25% to their estimates for clergy moves -- mostly because of books?  I'm beginning to think it's time for e-readers.  Think of the money that would save on moving and how much space, paper, and ink.  But, alas, reading an electronic gadget is just not the same as holding a book or even as seeing them in their shelves just calling out to be held and read.  I guess we bite the bullet and keep on packing.  Hopefully, there will no naughty book shenanigans in the boxes.  Well, enough of this -- guess it's time to find another box and load it up.  Stay tuned for further adventures.

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Lemuel said...

:-D I can remember the look of pain on our movers faces when they came to look over our stuff and saw how many books I had!! Over the years as we moved (ourselves) into smaller and smaller houses I've shrunk my library. I still have far too many, but my collection is a pale comparison to what it once was. Still, I'm with you. There's something about a book and every time I get rid of one it pains me greatly.