Monday, March 14, 2011

Looking Forward

The transition continues.  Today was our time to go rent a storage unit so that our entire lives can have a place to stay while we regroup.  Can you imagine shoving all this crap into a 10X15 space and driving away?  We have moved some of the Christmas stuff (some folks think that we could fill that whole space with Christmas but not quite.  Now it's get the boxes, pack them up, move stuff to the unit, figure out what to store, what to get rid of, and what we need to take with us during transition time.  Fun fun fun.  Anyone want to come help, sort, pack and toss?

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Lemuel said...

Uggh! Moving itself is traumatic enough without your other factors pressing down on you. We've moved far too often in our own lives here. We were actually able to stay 19 years at our last place - an inconceivable record. I thought when we moved to our present location it would be our last, but it appears that the fates have other ideas. In another year we may be moving again, but I doubt that we will have the same emotional additives that you and Ben are facing. Our prayers continue for you both.