Saturday, March 05, 2011

Another Twist

Well, the roller coaster has gone in a new and uncharted direction.  I mentioned in my last post that we were going to relocate and live in Ben's parents' basement for a few months while we sort out and discover the next step in our journey.  Well, all was fine until Ben's sister heard about the plan.  She decided that the stress of us being there would "kill Dad."  She enlisted the support of the other two siblings, both of whom have called to let us know what a bad idea it would be.  Never mind that each of them have done the same or similar thing over the years.  Now, I will grant you that Dad is near 90 and stresses about everything.  However, if I were a parent of these "caring" children, I would be sadly disaapointed. Each of them responded based on what one of them thought, and none offered any viable alternatives or offer of help in the situation.  Because they all think that our plan would "kill Dad", they have effectively cut off this move as a possibility, no matter how willing Mom may be because, God forbid, if we go there and something happens to Dad (whatever the cause) guess who will get the blame.  So now we are back to square one -- stay tuned.

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Lemuel said...

Sadly, I would not be surprised, *whenever* the father dies, that you and Ben are somehow blamed whether you move there or not.