Tuesday, March 08, 2011

What Next?

This thing called life just gets more and more funny.  Ben is losing his church, we will be moving, uncertain times ahead, and today I was informed that my secular job is no more!  Guess that will sit well with the family members who thought it horrible that I was going to "quit my job."  While I was not totally surprised by my release (I was told of such rumors months ago though I was assured by two supervisors that my job was secure -- even as late as last week), it came as a bit of surprise at this moment.  Now the dilemma is this"  Do I apply for unemployment and hope i get it?, 2) Do I look for a throw away job here to hold me over for the short time before we leave the area?, 3) Do I go ahead and relocate, find a job, and wait for Ben to join me when his work here is done?, or 4) Do we just say screw it?

With all that has been going on, I am beginning to feel a bit like Job.  However, like Job, I am not ready to curse God and die.  I am ready to let God know that I am not amused, that I am even angry.  But God is still in control.  Who knows what's next?

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Lemuel said...

This news sucks the big one, to be sure, but having read Ben's posts and now yours, perhaps the universe is telling you two to leave Ur of the Chaldees and to journey by faith to a new land, better suited for hope and promise. There is little now to keep you where you are or to lead you back to where you were.