Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekend Angst

Well, here we are on Friday afternoon, and I am struggling with trying to pull a sermon together for a congregation who will hear (immediately after worship) my recommendation to close the church. That makes preaching a challenging upbeat sermon an awkward task at best. The sermon plus the stress of the post service announcement is giving me fits. I am also watching the work schedule for the week (It should be finalized by tomorrow afternoon). At this point I am scheduled off on Thanksgiving and the day after (an amazing combination). The Service Team Lead said more than a week ago that no one would be off on Friday (Maybe my name is"no one"). Of course, even if I am off those days, Ben will be working them (that sucks).

On a potentially positive note, I had a call from the temp agency the other day asking if I would be interested in going back to client employer I was with until the end of March. I said, "YES" of course. The potential assignment is set to begin in mid-December. I need to find out how much it's paying and how long it's expected to last. I'm sure it'll pay more than I am making now, but the length of the contract is important. I'd hate to take something for a month or two and then be unemployed again. So I will need some more info on this before making a decision.

Tomorrow I work through the day (Ben is off) and then we go to the Community Theatre to see "It's a Wondeful Life." I just hope we can both stay awake through the performance -- it's terribly rude to snore at the theatre LOL. It should be fun and kind of a change from the pace of life around here.

I guess that's the news from this suburb of Hell -- hug someone.

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Lemuel said...

Enjoy the theater! Best wishes with the potential new (renewed) position.

Your angst over Sunday's duties reminds me of the angst of saying goodbye in such situations or even announcing that you will be saying goodbye. I always found those to be very painful days.