Saturday, November 15, 2008

Another Saturday Night

Well, here we are again on Saturday night. Ben worked early today and I worked the midshift -- got off work at 530PM. I came home to a home cooked dinner (yummy), and then sat down to do some work for tomorrow's church service. I finished (a relative term) the sermon and then drafted a document evaluating the congregation where I have served as Interim Pastor. In this document, I am recommending that the church decide that it is time to close the doors. This will the major topic of the Board meeting (the one from last Sunday got postponed due to lack of attendance), so it will be a trying day. After church and this lovely meeting, I have to go to work until 11PM or after. Oh, goody! Ben is off on Monday and I don't go to work until 4 or so, so we will have a few hours together -- a rarity in this day. As November zooms by, we are beginning to see some Christmas lights here and there. Of course, we've had Christmas lights on our patio since we moved in in April -- but I imagine we will add some more soon.

Please just keep us both in your thoughts as we deal with church issues, job issues, and an uncertain future -- I guess it that uncertain future that is supposed to build faith. Hmm, is there a sermon in there somewhere? Anyway, hug someone special and stay warm.


Lemuel said...

You guys are always in my thoughts. I will add this special theme for you.

Ur-spo said...

You two are always in my prayers

Poor guys; you sound to be the brunt of God's unfathomable and mysterious sense of humor.
Or you two sound like saints.
They are often the same.