Monday, November 03, 2008


Tomorrow is Election Day and EVERY American of voting age and legal standing needs to be out supporting his or her choice for the numerous races across the country. In addition to the Presidential race, there are Senate and House races, local races, numerous ballot initiatives and more. Some of the proposals have merit, others are just plain wrong! I am not afraid, ashamed, or embarrassed to tell you that my choice for President is Barack Obama. For those in Michigan, I am voting YES on Propositions One and Two (Medical marijuana and stem cell research). If I lived in California, I would vote NO on Proposition Eight and if I lived in Florida, it would be a NO vote on 2! I will be so glad when the political season is OVER -- I am sick of all the commercials and especially of the negativity. I wish candidates would state THEIR positions and stand on that rather than slogging mud on their opponent. Everyone who is running for office from Obama and McCain to the guy running for Drain Commissioner or School Board is putting him or her self out there to serve their communities or the nation. Regardless of your position, take the time to exercise your right (and your responsibility) as a citizen of this nation -- VOTE!!

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