Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Monday Night Musings

Well, here we are -- past another weekend and still standing. Yesterday I recommend to the church board that we look at closing the church for several reasons, and they agreed that this was the best course of action. Now, I have the pleasure of presenting the concept to the congregation and watching for reaction as they prepare for a meeting in a few weeks to vote on this issue. Yesterday's service and meeting wiped me out, but like a good trooper I went to work last night. Today, after a lengthy church related phone call, Ben and I headed out to a mall not too close and not too far and then I was off to work. Tomorrow I have a doctor appointment to renew my BP meds and whatever other things he feels prudent -- after all this old bod isn't getting any younger. It's been a week since I posted my resume on here, and as yet, I have not had any fabulous (or not so fabulous) job offers. Rome wasn't built in a day I guess. Next week it will be Thanksgiving already and I am carefully watching the schedule for work. We were told that many would be working on Tgiving and ALL would be working on "Black Friday." Yet, as I see the preliminary schedule, I am scheduled off both of those days. That is still subject to change between now and Saturday, but I am going with the "less said the better" mindset. Hopefully it won't change and we can do the family thing on Thursday and either shop or hang out on Friday. I guess since it is rapidly approaching 1 AM, I ought to go crawl in the sack and snuggle against a warm, sleeping sweet Ben -- and then drift off to sleep. Much to do in the next few days so I will need all my beauty sleep. Hug someone special!

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Lemuel said...

That's a lot of stress for you to handle! I think a "warm Ben" will do as much for your BP as the pills. Best wishes! I hope the resume brings some inquiries soon.