Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good News

I got the results of my recent bloodwork today when my doctor called. Much to my surprise my cholesterol, he said, was good. And then he told me that the "bad" cholesterol was good and the "good" cholesterol was bad (too low). He called in a prescription for something to bring it up. He also reported that the kidneys are functioning normally. I told him that they often function overtime -- water pills and coffee are a killer combo. LOL. So, tomorrow I will go get the new pills and add them to the two or three others I am taking. Gosh -- now I have to remember what to take when and to do it.

AND - today I took the dog to the groomer (She was a shaggy mess). I anticipated a bill of $29 (a really good price at the local pet store), but then I got the phone call -- she was infested with fleas. Seems I had let the flea preventative run out. This is the first time in the eight years we've been together that fleas have appeared (shame on me). SO -- add a flea bath, and then there's the flea treatment for the dog, the flea treatment for the cats, and the flea foggers for the house. Instead of the $29 bill, it came to nearly five times that. OUCH!
Lemuel's post about pet's being victims of the economy became very real to me in that moment. Between grooming, flea meds, cat butt drugs (for the frequently impacted puss), food (none of it cheap), vet bills, and the host of other expenses that go with pet ownership, is it any wonder that people end up giving up their pets when they can no longer afford them? For most it is a heartbreaking experience and often adds one more dimension to the feeling of failure that comes with economic messes like the one in which this nation and the world find ourselves.

After dealing with the dog grooming and getting the needed meds and such, I headed to work, stopping along the way to pick up the new meds -- of course they weren't ready in time for me to go to work, so it's another trip tomorrow. Ben came home, packed up the animals, set off the flea bombs, and headed out with three animals for a while until it was safe to return home -- hopefully flea free. Then he had some cleanup from the fumigation -- bless him, he's a wonderful soul.

And that's the way it goes on this 25th of November -- only one month til Christmas -- actually the countdown snowman says 29 days, 29 minutes and a few seconds. Ready or not, here it comes. Hug someone


Lemuel said...

Ouch! indeed! I am sorry to hear of those unanticipated costs.

Thanks for the shout out. My heart breaks for the people and the pets. Should that happen to me, I am afraid I would be tempted to live in cardboard on the street if it would mean I could keep my pets than to give them up.

I hope the meds work on the cholesterol. As for water pills and coffee, preach it brother! LOL!

Have a happy and blessed Thanksgiving, Nick!

Ur-spo said...

how much to get you to gag mr snowman?