Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What about Annie?

HEY!! The news media is crawling all over the Miley Cyrus photos like ants over chcoclate cake. My question is this: IF (and I say "IF") this is such a horrible thing and IF this is a case of exploitation, why isn't anyone going after the renowned photographer, Annie Leibovitz? After all, there wouldn't be any flap if there were no photos and there would be no photos if that nasty child pornographer Annie Leibowitz hadn't taken advantage of poor Miley (and apparently of her parents and "handlers"). Of course, there wouldn't be much of a flap either if someone hadn't splashed the photos all over the media. After all, Vanity Fair is hardly sitting on coffee tables in every living room in America. There wouldn't be much to "explain" to our children (God, how I hate that. Kids are not as dumb as some like to think) if the talking heads hadn't broadcast it and drawn it into national attention. Come on, folks! The girl, the photographer, the magazine, perhaps the parents -- all used questionable judgment -- okay! But it's hardly what I would call newsworthy. BUT -- if you wsnt to keep harping on it and, as some have done call it porn, go after the photographer. After all, the 15 year old celebrity is an innocent teenager (Isn't that an oxymoron?). Let's go report some real news and leave this celebrity drivel alone.

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