Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Lazy Morning

Hi all! The past few days have been a blur for me. After working my 40 hours last week, I had the joy of working Saturday and Sunday. That gave me 17 hours of overtime. On top of that, I worked 10 hours Monday and -- get this -- 14 hours yesterday. It'll be a nice paycheck -- just hope I don't need to spend it on doctors when I collapse. Now, for the rest of the week, they have me working 1PM to 10PM. At least the drive to and from will be a great improvement from the morning and evening rush. I left a picture of myself out so that the dog will recognize me when I do come home. LOL. Hug someone!


Lemuel said...

I'm sure the pooch will still recognize you!

Ur-spo said...

hugs to you too
Dogs are like Odyesseus'dog Argo; they wait for years and recognize you as soon as they see you.