Tuesday, April 08, 2008

It Takes All Kinds

Well, just when we think people couldn't get any more rude or stupid, we are proven wrong. This evening, since the weather was nice (at least by Michigan standards), Ben and I went for a walk. Our walk was through the local cemetery -- it's not as odd as you may think. Anyway, as we were headed back to the car, a car passed by and I guess I gave it a second look. It looked a lot like the car of a local relative and I wanted to make sure it was or wasn't. It wasn't, and we went on to the car. As we were about to get in, the car in question came by after having to loop around or make a U turn. The guy -- a real winner -- slowed down, opened the window, and said, "You got a staring problem?" I wisely ignored him and he == along with the family (yes, this idiot has apparently figured out how to reproduce -- poor kids)-- drove on their merry way. Now, he wasn't worth a second look and I would surely hesitate to give a man with a family a lingering look. I wonder why he's so insecure. I wonder what kind of example he is setting for his kids. I mused as we drove out of the cemetery, "All of these nice people below ground and yet this idiot is above ground -- how unfair." Ah, stupidity reigns.


Lemuel said...

only the good die young!

Ur-spo said...

Michigan Morons are some of the worst.