Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hey, Everyone

Well, it's been a wild and crazy couple of weeks since my last post. I worked lots of overtime on my temp job that is probably ending this week. The paycheck was nice, but I am pooped. Add to the extra 30+ hours in two weeks the stress of our move and the continuing challenges of guiding a church through a transition time and you can see why I am bordering on exhaustion. The move will be finished within the next day or two. We had a neighbor (a nice one, not the idiot) help in the morning. He was good hearted, but when he decided to the dryer on the dolly down the stairs backward (Bang, bang, bang, clunk, clunk) I shuddered. It seems to be okay, but he was better hearted than organized for the move. In the afternoon, Ben had a couple of friends from work come and help with the rest of the big stuff. All that is left now is a lot of piddly little stuff. It is nice having the ground floor unit, but the move from the third floor has about done us in. Ah well, at least we are getting a really good deal on this unit -- and no more three flights of stairs -- now we come in the front door and down 5 steps. And I can take the dog out the slider and NO STAIRS. Hooray -- so we are going to relax a bit this evening and I will start again in the AM before work. Hug someone.


Lemuel said...

The easy access for the pooch is a plus in and of itself, I would imagine. Best wishes in the new place!

Ur-spo said...

it is always nice to see you posting; and it is good to hear some exciting hope there. good luck with the new place.