Monday, March 31, 2008

Home Again

Hi everyone! I just got back from a few days in south Florida. It's wonderful to be home, but what a horrible change. I left a sunshine paradise where it was clear and warm, and landed in a cool, damp, foggy mess. While Michigan is home for now, Ben and I are talking about looking for warmer climes -- enough of winter and record unemployment. I kidded that if we are going to be unemployed and poor, it will be nicer to do it in the Florida sun than in the Michigan mess. It won't happen real soon, but it's on the drawing board. Anyway, I was there for the 20th anniversary of the church I helped found in Fort Myers. I was super to see what has evolved from that small group. Starting with 22, they are now closer to 200 people, and they own a building on one of the main roads in town. It was wonderful to see old friends -- some of those original 22 are still there. There were some bittersweet moments as we talked about some who are now deceased, but we honored them as well. It was an extremely positive event for me. There are days when I wonder if I help to make any difference in the world, and this weekend showed that my labors of 20 years ago are reaping benefits and rewards for that community.

Well, now I'm back and have to go to work tomorrow morning -- yuck! It will be wonderful to cuddle and more with that special someone (you know who I mean!!). Next weekend I'm off to Indiana for a meeting, but between now and then I hope to make up for being gone for several days. So there may not be many posts here in the days ahead. Stay well and hug someone -- I'm going too!!!

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Ur-spo said...

i am glad to see you home safe and sound.
but whom shall you hug? I am just asking.