Thursday, January 04, 2007

Work Day One -- Report

Well, folks -- I survived the first day on the new job. I don't know the last time I sat for so long. My back is killing me this evening. All in all, day one went well. I am working with fairly nice folks and everyone was pleasant. I am not doing customer service type stuff -- hooray. I am a behind the scenes person -- a request handler in the Service Request Handling Department. That means that my job is primarily data entry. Some of the requests are simple one item requests, but I did one this afternoon that had fifteen actions on it -- more repetitious than taxing, but for this newbie it was kind of mind blowing. First I have to learn the rules -- then I have to learn all the exceptions. I am working at the same place as Ben, but the closest I came to seeing him today was seeing the truck in the lot when I went to lunch. Our hours are off by a couple and we work in different parts of the building, so we might as well be working in different cities, but it's decent money and not far from HOME. I just got home and greeted one of the cats -- she protested mildly but did not resist. Progress. Now we will see what the evening holds, then back to the office (a shared cubicle with a few others in a maze of cubicles. Has the whole corporate world become a maze of sameness? Ah well, let's see how a night's sleep affects what I learned today. And one more day and then a weekend -- HOORAY! Thank God they started me on Thursday -- work up to a full week gradually. I like that......Peace and hugs


Lemuel said...

From the picture, I thought, o no! not a cube farm!

From your report, I take it things did not go too badly - except for the back - and new hires always get drowned in the details of procedures and anti-procedures.

Good luck tomorrow - one day and its TGIF! Would that all weeks were like that!

Ur-spo said...

good luck with all that; the photo looks a little grim; i hope you don't have claustraphobia and everyone plays nice there!