Thursday, January 04, 2007

Internet Woes

By now, some of you know that I am incommunicado as to email for a while. It's all because of the superior customer service that Verizon provided me when I called in preparation for the big move. In five different phone calls, I received six different answers to the same issue. I wanted to terminate my high speed service since Ben already has it but I wanted to retain (at least temporarily) my email address. That would have allowed me to either keep it long term or transition the info to a new email account. Yesterday was the last call --it lasted 45 minutes and the end result was that nothing can be done to retrieve my information. In fact, I found out that the very first answer I received in this quest was the correct one. They could have downgraded me to a dialup account and all would have been well. That is the answer I got when I called just to find out what the process was. When I called back to actually DO it, I was told that wasn't possible. I was told that they could ADD a dialup account (thus paying more for less which I knew did not make sense). Then I was given a website where I could retrieve my mail -- this answer was so convincing that I went ahead and terminated service -- my mistake. I then visited the site and got no where. So, I called again and this time got a different website -- which also did not do anything I needed. That led to yesterday's call in which I was first told that they could set up a FORWARD for my mail to a new address. That was also wrong, and I was bounced to another tech who informed me that they could do nothing since I had cancelled my account. She transferred me to billing where the operator tried to make my account active as a dial up (unsuccessful), and then another tech who said, "You can set up a dial up with the same name, but all of your information is gone." So, dear readers, watch for a new email link and drop me a line. I have lost every email address I had along with some inportant emails. I told them that in light of their wonderful custormer service of late, I would seek an email account elsewhere. That will be a project for the next day or two -- after work. So I remain reachable only through this blog. EEEEKKKK. Why can't customer service folks get the right info? I told then it was like calling IRS -- everyone had a different answer.


Lemuel said...

I love the results of "de-regulation": unaccountability!

Annoyed said...

You should try working for the state. You can ask one question and get 50 different answers. The real kick is that NONE of them are right.