Thursday, January 04, 2007

Work Begins

Well, here we are at long last. The move is complete--now it's time to put all the stuff somewhere. How does this stuff multiply? This morning I start the long awaited full time job and there are some feelings of worry as well as the feeling that something good is going to come of all this. I worry because it has been some time since I was on a regular forty hour work week. I welcome the idea of doing my job and then putting it behind me for the night -- no more tenants wanting something done in the middle of dinner or during the last 10 minutes of that four hour movie I was watching. And mo more 100 mile commutes to be with the man I love. Now THAT is worth any adjustments I need to make. So I am UP and about to jump in the shower, iron some clothes, pack a big boy lunch and head to the office for the first day. Almost makes me giddy with excitement (yeah, right).....Have a great day and think of me as I hit the afternoon slump and wish I could just sit back and watch TV or go for a walk or something. Discipline, Nick, discipline.

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Lemuel said...

about 19 years ago when i made my career shift, i left what amounted to a 24/7 job (in which people would call at all hours of the night - much like your tennants) for a "40" hr/wk'er. That is one thing I like about what I do now. At the end of the day, when I leave work, I leave work behind and do not think about it until the next day.

Good luck, Nick, May you have an absolutely wonderful first day! (and also the days that follow)

As for that "big boy lunch", I'm not sure you should talk about Ben in those terms. LOL! **EG**