Monday, January 08, 2007

Where Did the Weekend Go

Well, here it is Monday morning and time to think about work again already. Ben had to go in early and work a 12 hour day -- poor baby. The weekend seemed to speed by at two to three times the speed of Monday-Friday. Saturday began with a call to the plumber to roto-root the pipes. It also included taking down most of the Christmas stuff -- the rest will follow soon. We did take time out to go to the movies -- went to see "Children of Men". It wasn't a bad movie, but probably one that requires multiple viewings to get it all. As we were leaving the movies to come home, some friends of Ben's called to ask for help in moving some of their antique business to a new location -- we just need you to help with a few things -- yeah, right...... Anyhow, that shot a couple of hours, then it was home to dinner (ham and mashed potatoes -- delicious if I do say so myself). By now we were both whupped and it was an early bed night. Sunday dawned with a trip to church. We attended a local Episcopal church so that Ben could meet the Rector and start getting active. I took the day off from my usual church duties to go with him. Next week, he's on his own. Then we stopped at Best Buy to pick up a wireless router to connect the laptop to the desktop. Now, here's where I get frutrated. They sell this stuff, making it sound like any dolt can connect it in a matter of minutes! It took both of us (both with some computer knowledge) better than two hours to figure out how to make it work. Then I started laundry. Before long, the phone rang -- you guessed it -- our friends needed a few last things moved ASAP. Again, what should have been one hour turned into three, but it was a good thing to do and all. Came home, shuffled laundry, watched about an hour of TV and crapped out for the night. Where did the weekend go?


BentonQuest said...

Three hours? Try closer to four! But you did get a vasaline coaster!!

Lemuel said...

Yes, this is our world! They switch weekend time to warp speed!

vasaline coaster? hmmm.

Ur-spo said...

weekends go so fast to be sure
I am proud of you though that at least you got the dang thing up and running, more than I could do!

Mikey said...

It took me hours to hook up a router last year! I never cursed so much in my life! Maybe work will be less hectic instead lol