Monday, June 26, 2006

World's Smallest Beach??

What a wonderful day or two it's been. Ben came over yesterday afternoon and we spent the evening together watching movies and just hanging out together. Today, after having a visit from a friend, we headed out to eat and then decided to visit one of the nearby state parks. We followed the signs and found a place to park then began walking in the direction the signs pointed toward the "Beach Area.. We ended up walking down a flight of wooden stairs expecting to find a very nice beach. Imagine our surprise and disappointment when we encountered what you see in the accompanying photo. First, I would hesitate to call it a beach, but if one chooses to do so, don't plan on more than three people using it at a time. I'm sure glad that we weren't bent on a beach day. After a moment of disappointment we both busted out laughing over our discovery. We then walked on up the steps on the other side of this beach (about four steps from the stairs we had come down) and continued on along the low bluff above the river exploring and sharing the moment with each other. After a healthy walk we came home and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon and had dinner. Then, sadly, it was time for Ben to head home -- always a difficult moment. We most likely won't see each other now until next weekend. Please keep Ben in your thoughts this week as he takes the next step in his coming out process on Wednesday -- a step that if it goes well will move him forward in his journey with hope and expectation. However, if for some reason this step does not go well, it could cause some real upheaval in his life. I am trusting God to lead him through this challenge and will post info on the outcome as it is available. Many of us have faced such challenges in our journeys, but it is a very personal process for each of us and often we feel as though we are alone in it.

So, tonight my life gets back to normal (read boring) after my trip to Mom's, Pride in Lansing, and time with my sweet Ben.

Hope you all have a good day and are blessed.

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