Saturday, June 24, 2006

Home Again

Well, I've traveled miles since my last post. Spent a day with Mother and then on to Ben's for a visit. Went to Michigan Pride today in Lansing -- my goodness, was I ever that young? Lots of people out and proud, and of course a few hecklers shouting religious garbage. Now there's nothing inherently wrong in religion, but when it is used as a baseball bat and misunderstood it is worse than dangerous. And even more than that, that kind of religion is more dangerous to its practitioners than to those who hear this hateful rhetoric. Now I believe that there is a place in Heaven for all of us -- the days and straights and them what hates, but I think that some folks will be mighty surprised at the reception that they and others receive at those pearly gates. But enough preaching for now. The couples' commitment service saw some 70 couples pledge love to each other on the Michigan capitol steps. What an awesome sight.

My gas woes continue as I saw prices rise while I was gone from a low in some little town of 2.71 to the 2.93 I will need to pay in the morning (unless it jumps again overnight). Ben will be here tomorrow for a couple of days, so we should both be in good spirits. I am so blessed to have him in my life!!

Tomorrow is Sunday -- hope to see you all in church!!

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