Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What a Relief!!

I've spent an hour or so today pacing and being on pins and needles as I waited to hear the outcome of Ben's meeting. We were hoping for the best and fearing the potential worst. Thankfully, our hopes were met and exceeded and our fears were for naught. He received not only positive results that will open the door for him to take the next step in this process, but he also received very real compassionate concern. I am amazed at how smoothly every step of this coming out journey has been. I am beginning to think that times are changing and that being gay isn't the horrible thing it was once thought to be. Further, I have told Ben and openly share here that he has handled this whole process with dignity, honesty, and openness. Those things have rewarded him with acceptance and support from family and colleagues. This is not to say that there aren't people out there with negative reactions, but thus far there has been nothing but support and nurturing from the people who matter. Thanks to those of you who have been following this process for your support and prayers. They have been answered today. I am so happy for Ben and so doggone proud of him.

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