Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting Started with This

Well, this is my second post to the blog. It's Friday evening and I am feeling much alone right now. It's hard to believe, but I am really missing the man I am seeing. My feelings are so conflicted lately -- I think I am in love, but I am so afraid of making a mistake. I know that he is special to me. For sake of discussion I will call him Ben. He is out of town this week visiting his family and having "THE TALK". At last report all was well -- Mom took the news in stride. Ben will be here Sunday night and I can't wait. It's about a lot more than sex -- his presence, his touch, his voice and more bring JOY to my heart. His life and mine are both in transition career wise and so we don't know what's going to come down the road, but for the moment, we are experiencing each other's company and enjoying the journey. No onne knows the future, but I hope that this connection continues for a very long time.

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