Monday, June 19, 2006

Quality Time With Ben

Ah, what a time it was. After church yesterday I gathered up Amber (the poodle) and headed off for some quality time with Ben -- that special man I keep telling you about. We spent some fun time together at home, then went to run a quick errand. Then we decided it was time to eat -- the funniest thing is that we took what amounted to a road trip and drove nearly 50 miles to discover a wonderful Chinese restaurant in downtown Howell. I don't remember the name, but it's right on the main street, so if you ever get to the area look for it -- it's well worth it. The food and service were excellent AND it was refreshing to find a Chinese restaurant that wasn't decorated in the ways of so many of the ones we find. There were no red and black lanterns, Buddhas, etc. Instead, the place was more pub-like. There were a couple of small Chinese lanterns, but even they were much more muted colors than usual. The mens' room sported a bear head over the sink (how butch, eh?). After dinner, we headed back toward home, stopped for ice cream, and went home to watch a little TV and get a good night's sleep. We went to breakfast this morning, then I headed home as we both got back to the reality and schedule of our individual lives. The moments that we can steal to spend time together are a treasure and a treat. The rest of the week promises to be busy for each of us but there will be time for phone calls, emails and such. If you love someone, make sure to take time for them -- love and friendship are treasures given to us by God. Cherish and nurture them. I do!!

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