Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Gas Bandits Strike Again

Well, I just got back from filling the gas tank for my trip to see Mother tomorrow and I am angry and frustrated. Earlier today regular gas was 2.65 a gallon and over the past few hours jumped a whopping 7.5 percent (a bigger increase than I get in my paycheck) to 2.85. Why is it that the price jumps up by such whopping amounts, but then goes down maybe two or three cents? Where's the justice in this mess? What can we do about it? I understand that the days of 1.99 gas are history and that there are factors that affect the price BUT Why can't the industry find a reasonable price and leave it alone for a while? I don't get nuts if it goes up or down a couple of cents -- that fluctuation sounds reasonable, but such crazy jumps strike me as price gouging by someone and it's usually not at the local station level. Oil companies are making record profits and there are people having to choose between gasoline or food. I chose gas tonight -- Mom will feed me tomorrow LOL.. Well, thanks for letting me vent a bit. I guess I'm most mad at me for not buying early in the day when I would have saved 2.50 on the fill up.

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